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Size Chart

Many of the products shown in our web store provide information right on the page for determining how to purchase the correct size for you or your child. Some products, though, need a special chart to help choose the right product. Shown below are unique charts for shoes, socks and bras that will help you select the right size and the right product.

Shoe Chart

Please see individual shoes for correct size charts.

Sock Chart

For Cotton and Ripple Socks only

Sock Size
Shoe Size
Shoe Size
Shoe Size
Heel to Toe
Inches (unstretched)
0 to 4 0 to 1 2"
4 to 5 1 to 4 4"
5 to 6 3 to 7 4"
6 to 7 6 to 11 5"
7 to 8 9 to 1 5"
8 to 9 12 to 3 3 to 6 7"
9 to 11 6 to 9 8"

Measuring Your Bra Size

1. Measure your chest high under the arms.
Keep the tape snug. This your bra size.
2. Measure around the fullest part of your bust.
If the difference between #1 and #2 is:
Less than 1 inches You need cup size A
1 to 2 inches You need cup size B
2 to 3 inches You need cup size C
3 to 4 inches You need cup size D

For larger sizes continue the chart in one inch = one cup size increments

If you still require additional assistance in determining the right size for you or your child, contact our customer service department by e-mail Customer Service and a friendly customer service representative will be happy to assist you.