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Baby RegistryThe only baby registry you need!
MyRegistry.com currently gives you the ability to create one centralized gift registry for any gift-giving occasion, including your Baby Shower. You have the flexibility to choose items you like best from any of our websites: Natural Baby, Perfectly Safe and Jeannie's Kids Club. It is important to understand that MyRegistry.com is not the store that your friends and family will purchase items from, but rather a place to keep all of the items on your baby registry listed. It is completely free to create and use a baby registry on MyRegistry.com.

Adding gifts to your baby registry is easy!
Whenever you come across an item on one of our websites that you would like to add, simply press the ‘Add to MyRegistry’ button that can be easily installed onto your browser‘s toolbar. A new window will pop up prompting you to login and fill in the details of the item you're adding. Then, click on ‘Add This Gift to Your Registry’ and the item you've chosen will be automatically added to your registry. To get the ‘Add to MyRegistry’ button or to add it to another computer, you must login and select the Account Settings tab or click on ‘My Account’ on the top right corner of your home page. Then, select the ‘Add to MyRegistry’ Button link under ‘Registry Tools’. You’ll see instructions for adding the button to your Internet browser. Once you’ve added the button, it will appear on your toolbar at the top of your Internet browser window.

It's easy for friends and family to use!
Through the MyRegistry.com website, they can direct your friends and family members to all of our websites that carry the items listed on your registry. Once they are directed to one of our websites, they must complete the purchase transaction on that website. When they find an item they want to purchase on your registry, they click the 'View or Buy This Gift' button. They'll see a new web page on top of our website where MyRegistry.com asks them to report if you purchased the item or not. If they have purchased the item, they'll have several options to choose from under the ‘Yes’ section. By selecting one of the ‘Yes’ options and clicking on ‘Submit’, that gift will become unavailable for others to buy. If they select one of the ‘No’ options and click submit or do not answer at all, that gift will remain available on the registry.

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