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Natural Baby Gift Certificate - <b>$15.00</b>
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Natural Baby Gift Certificate - $15.00

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Natural Baby Gift Certificate - $15.00

1. Enter your name in the "From" field.

2. Enter your e-mail address in the "From E-mail" field. Once the Gift Certificate has been sent, we'll e-mail you to let you know.

3. In the "To" field, enter the recipient's name. 
A. If choosing regular mail, skip the "To E-mail" field, continue through the rest of the fields entering the remaining address information.
B. If choosing e-mail, enter the recipient's e-mail address. Please note that this address must be correct. Continue through the rest of the fields entering the remaining address information. (Note: Entering the mailing address information is just a precautionary measure in case the e-mail is undeliverable).

4. Choose the Format for your Gift Certificate: Regular Mail or E-mail.

5. Click the Order button. You'll immediately go to your Shopping Basket where the Gift Certificate amount will appear. 

Please Note: Gift Certificates must be purchased separately. If you wish to order additional items for yourself or others, you'll need to place a separate order. 

6. Be sure to select Gift Certificates Only as your Shipping Option.

Including a Gift Message: If you wish to include a message to be sent along with your Gift Certificate, please enter it in the Gift Message field located on the order form. E-mail recipients will receive the Gift Message as a part of the e-mailed Gift Certificate. Messages to be included on Gift Certificates sent through regular mail will be in the form of a Gift Card. 

If you wish to personally deliver or mail a Gift Certificate, enter your address in the address fields. The Gift Certificate will be sent to you via regular mail. 

If you have further questions about purchasing a Gift Certificate, please  e-mail us.

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